Monday, January 4, 2016

Because it is 2016

I want to park the nightmare of 2015, and as I have said before, I am not interested in rehashing what did and didn't happen.

Because it is 2016, I am working on a better relationship with the Receiver.

I am relieved that the urgent need for protective maintenance on the lifts is being addressed.

I have been asked to convey sincere thanks from the Receiver to the Volunteers who stepped in  to shovel and protect the SSC,  the lodge deck, and other helpful deeds. I think it has been an eye opener for them to see what snow can do, and how the Baldy Community pitches in to make things happen.

Whatever your views are of the Receiver, I believe that their thanks are sincere.

I have some information on what the Receiver is working on, however, after the rollercoaster of the last year, I won't be getting excited or posting anything until it is a sure thing.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Sam
Appreciate the effort you have made to keep us informed and the volunteer work to protect the hill. Being so far away it's difficult to assist in these issues however we will be up again late Jan/ early Feb. Was great to see you over the holidays !

From downtown White Rock, Happy New Year!