Saturday, January 2, 2016

Better Day Today

I am pleased to report that the Receiver has qualified personnel on site today attending to the icing issues at the top of the Eagle Chair.

Thankfully the number of off road vehicles has dropped today as well.

So the unplowed parking lot had so much track vehicle traffic on it the last couple of days, that today three cars attempted to drive on it, thinking they were car tracks........... The group I pulled out were young, polite, and appreciative.

It took a winch, a chainsaw, a chain, a rope and a tow strap and two trucks to extricate one of the cars. They were a fair distance from the road, and their bumper was sitting on a log barricade.
they also were appreciative of the help, but unfortunately for them, there is damage to the vehicle.

That tow strap of mine dates back to the "Machete Eddie Days". It was brand new when I pulled his car out and it was well marked with grease when we were done.

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