Friday, January 22, 2016

Hey Andrew

Thanks for sharing Andrew. Great video capturing a Baldy Christmas - the third last word at the very end of the video would not normally be used on the blog, but I'm not censoring. Decades ago, when I was the manager at Baldy, there was a routine I looked forward to every Christmas and Spring Break. The Akehurst-Payne family would arrive from the coast, and the children would be ready to ski before their parents had unpacked. They appeared at the ticket office door - no words - we knew to place a lift ticket on their jackets, and that their parents would be in later to arrange passes. After warming up in the lodge, the younger two, Ashleigh and Andrew would reappear at the ticket office door with outstretched hands - again no words - we knew they wanted help getting their mitts back on and tucked in the jacket. Lots of happy memories, thanks for the video Andrew.

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