Friday, January 1, 2016

Out of control............

The motorized vehicle situation is completely out of hand at Mount Baldy Ski Area. Today I witnessed an operator approach a mother and child at a fairly quick speed, then suddenly swerve to avoid them. I witnessed two sleds moving slowly past the lodge, then accelerating at a high speed up the village road.

There are sled tracks that are over top of the magic carpet protective cover. I did pursue and talk to one operator whom I witnessed riding the side of the carpet.

Almost forgot - saw an orange sled roll while we were shovelling.

There are many off road vehicles owned by Strata Members and their guests. Some are reasonable, some are out of hand, and there are so many machines around that operators seem to think anything goes.

As a strata member I don't want yet another fee increase for legal and insurance, because a plan has not been implemented or enforced in the village. You know that the strata roads are private property, but the motor vehicle act applies because we allow commercial vehicles in to the village.

As for the ski area, the Receiver will have someone on site tomorrow. The main focus should be attending to the lifts, not dodging unauthorized vehicles. I had trespass notices with me today, but the situation was way too chaotic for one person on foot to talk to the fleet.

As I've said many times - you are shooting yourselves in the foot - the actions of a few ruin it for everyone.

The culture of entitlement.

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