Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Successful Avalanche Course - Areas for Concern- Are you prepared for the Backcountry?

Thank you all for attending the Avalanche awareness course on Sunday.  A great group that Terry really enjoyed instructing.  Terry and I will be planning for the next level in the future and I will let you know when this will happen.  If you know of others that want to take the level we did, let me know so I can put them on the list. 
I think from our open conversation at the end, we realize that more is needed to tour Baldy.  Some good things were discussed for safety, like a sign in/ sign out book on the mountain, radios, contact people in emergencies.  It would be great to get together in the near future to start implementing these safety strategies to make the back country and Baldy safer for others and our selves. 
More snow on the way, so start implanting what you have learned.  Yesterday, Jeff, Nils and I dug our pit at the top of Maverick in the glades, the settled snow was 118cm in total to the ground, 50cm of fresh snow was resting on the Dec 4th ice and is of concern.  The snow pack below the ice was settled and firm.  Our results were similar to the results in the practical part of the course.  We made good choices yesterday after our test.  So, get out and dig your pits, then share this information with others.
See you on the slopes
Paul Rauhala
Mt Baldy Alpine Club

Ed: Note As Mount Baldy is closed for the season, there is no ski patrol, and search and rescue are dispatched out of Oliver by the RCMP.

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