Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Thoughts

The fun went out of producing the blog more than a year ago. This morning I wasn't particularly motivated to post, but when I powered up the computer, there was the comment posted below. Thank-you to those who express your appreciation from time to time, that is what keeps me going.

I haven't exactly been muzzled, but have felt the need to be more careful about what I say at times.
This blog is for the people who know and love to be at Baldy.

For some time now, people in offices have been watching, at times misinterpreting, and occasionally getting the hints from the blog. Prospective purchasers are also watching.

Thanks to Dale, Jayne, and Paul, your photos got outsiders to back up information from boots on the ground, and stir up the needed response. The receiver has taken a number of steps in the right direction to protect the assets. I see what is done and when, but for various reasons have not posted a lot of photographs.

This winter I have almost completely removed myself from the social activities on the mountain. It's Baldy of course, and there are rumours. A lot of unhappy people - some making the best of a bad situation, and some who want to keep talking about what did and didn't happen.

My inbox is loaded with e-mails marked "without prejudice" and "confidential" from more than just three corners of the sandbox. Maybe next December, I'll print them off, douse them with gas, and use them to ignite the fire for Ullr.

If you had all the information that I have, I doubt that some of you would still be down the garden path to a certain corner of the sandbox.

What is needed is a buyer who is "right for Baldy", sooner rather than later.

When there is something solid and verifiable, of course I will let you know. In the meantime, I appreciate your ongoing respect for my preference not to talk about all this stuff.

Moving forward - to keep the blog going, and to continue to show how special Baldy really is, keep those photos coming. Jayne and Sherry - such great photos, and Andrew - lots of positive feedback on your video - loved it. Jenny, thanks for bringing back the memories. Hey Nils - would love to have some of your Go Pro stuff.

Andrew S., if I don't post the weather early enough - phone and wake me up - I'm happy to do that for your family.

I also get inquiries about former staff, so if you are reading and want to send a pic and tell us where you are now, that would be great.

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Marie said...

Hey Sam,,,,,you are soooooo appreciated by the Fletcher family xoxo