Sunday, March 20, 2016

First Day of Spring - Don't Poke the Bear!

The noisy boys were here this afternoon when I got home. Not pleased to have to drive on the wrong side of the road into a blind corner near the water treatment plant to get to my home. Several trucks parked on the Strata Road - once again, public using Strata Property as a snowmobile staging area.

The upper cul-de-sac has been less of a problem since a resident confronted and detained some intoxicated hypothermic sledders earlier this season.


Kyle fossett said...

Those intoxicated hypothermic sledders were lucky they made it to the cul-de-sac. It could have been a long cold night waiting for SAR especially if a CAA level 2 tech told us the conditions were not safe.

On the Avalanche topic. If people reading this blog are heading out into the backcountry could share their observations on mountain information network it would help others know what the conditions are like. I know there are more people ski touring and sledding around baldy then the 2 posts in January. The Avalanche rating posted on the website for the Kootenay Boundary region is based on info collected on the infoex from commercial operations, most of which are in the Nelson Rosslsnd area.

Anonymous said...

As a Strata you are legally entitled to have vehicles towed that are parking on Strata land without a permit. I'm not sure where the nearest impound lot is (Oliver?), but if they had to drive there in their sled or call a cab to take them there, they probably would tell their buddies to think twice about parking up at Baldy on Strata land