Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thank-you and Update from Marge

Below is a thank-you and update from Marge MacLeod. Marge had a "minor" stroke two days after her 90th Birthday party. I visited her about a week ago, and her recovery is progressing well.

Hi Sandra and Hilary, the invitations and organization of my birthday party was done via your blog and emails so would like to forward my thanks through the same manner.
Thanks to everyone who attended and contacted me for making it such a memorable and happy event for me.
Sam was busy with her camera and put together a lovely souvenir book for me documenting the occasion. I look forward to showing it to you at the fall meeting or Christmas. As you see I am thinking positively about the coming year....1) That Baldy will be open and 2) I will still be around!
I had a little stroke two days after my 90th. There was minimal damage and I am working on a full recovery.
Thanks again for all the birthday wishes.
Marj MacLeod

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