Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A couple more weeks friends................

I had a good meeting today with Joey O'Brien, the Managing Director for the numbered company intending to complete the purchase of the Baldy Assets. Court approval Monday was the culmination of a ton of work, and the deal is set to close in a matter of days.

The website launch and plan details will be in the next couple of weeks. The new website may look a little familiar, as I have authorized Joey to use my photos to build the website.

The buyers understand the urgency of getting to work on the mountain with summer grooming and lift maintenance. They can announce their staff and things, but you would be happy to know that they realise the value of Matt Koenig to this mountain, and are in discussions with him regarding mountain maintenance and operations. Matt is still working out of town, but will be back soon - we offered many times to help him remove the Baldy decals from his truck, but they are still there, and we know he wants to be part of a successful Baldy. (With pay, and respect of course)

Yes Sherry, I did ask about season pass prices, and I think you will be happy.

There will be more operating days than we are used to.

The pricing and operating schedule are bold, not what I would do, but if they deliver, you'll all be happy.

The temptation would be to jump for joy, but after the last fiasco, we are all a little reluctant to get excited. When the deal closes, people are hired, money in the bank, cheques are good - things are moving forward, that will help. I get it WesB, you will believe it when your backside is sitting on the Eagle. I will be posting action photos when things start to happen up here.

It is a little unusual for someone new to be under intense scrutiny because of the actions of another unrelated party.

  • T-bar Tony - I would start saving for airfare if I were you mate
  • Roger and Lisa - relief for you I'm sure
  • Margaret, I know you will bring your dancing shoes, looks like LJB will have a venue to play other than your living room
  • Ron the Dentist - I wouldn't book Mexico for Christmas
  • Mark I think you timed your retirement just right
  • When the deal closes, I'm betting Marge will be the happiest of all.
  • Lincoln, Teagan, Cienna, Morgan, Cohen, Oliver, the McKenzie girls- looking forward to seeing you rip it up at Baldy
So standby folks, it shouldn't be much longer for the kind of release you are waiting for. The timing may be a little tricky for me, as things will be happening while I am busy with family visiting from Norway. If the blog looks stale for a couple of days, check www.skibaldy.com to see if their site is up.

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Ron Davidson said...

No plans for Baja this Christmas!! Baldy is the plan. Thanks for the update Sam!!! Whoot whoot!!