Monday, June 27, 2016

The long and winding road................

It has been a long haul, with more steps and complications than you could possibly imagine. As a community we have had enough of commitments that were not fulfilled. It is unfortunate that the receiver chose to issue a press release today. Today's court ruling was a long awaited major step in a very long process to the desired result. I can understand that the receiver would be anxious to share the news.

The results tonight are a little bit of jubilation, some jitters, some skepticism. The community didn't want news until it was complete, and they want to see boots on the ground.

Hang tight my friends, it really does look like things are moving ahead, and like I promised you before, I will let you know when the deal is done.

Driving home from the coast today I developed some great ideas for photos and things for the blog when it was time to make an announcement. The cat is out of the bag now, so I guess you'll keep getting more photos of horses, cows and wildflowers for awhile.

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Kyle Fossett said...

Hopefully in the next few weeks those pictures of horses become picture of a crew doing lift maintenance and some brush cutting.
If the lift maintenance can start before the wet and cool weather of fall that will probably be a treat for the crew doing it if they have done the Baldy maintenance in the past.