Thursday, July 7, 2016

Another from the Bryan Gough Collection

Hi Sandra:

The landmark fallen tree of unusual aspect pictured on your blog today reminded me of another tree on the slopes of Mount Baldy which my father photographed many years ago, most likely during the late seventies when I was on the fire lookout there. Within a very few years it had completely succumbed to the elements and now I no longer recall just where it was on the mountain, other than that it was definitely much higher upslope than the top of the main ski lift.

As pictured, it stood about six feet high and was one of the more photogenic of the gazillion gnarled and twisted whitebark pine relics from the huge forest fire of 1931 which incinerated the McKinney Creek and the upper Rock Creek (aka Jolly Creek) draws. The photo is not perfectly clear because it is a scan of a photograph taken of a projected slide!



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