Friday, July 29, 2016

Baldy follows me wherever I go..........even the Cemetery

This morning I stood by life long friends while their Mother, and my dear friend was laid to rest in the Osoyoos Cemetery - just short of her 92nd birthday. Other than the offspring, most of the others there I've known for 50 plus years. As many hadn't seen each other for a long time, we moved in to the shade and talked, while the Funeral Director and Town Crew patiently waited for us to leave.

With the family, we talked family, then eventually the locals all started asking me about Baldy. The last exchange was with a "Big Pow" skier from Summerland. When he heard 7 days a week - he said - so no "Big Pow" Fridays?

Yes, at 7 days a week "Big Pow" is gone. Many of you relied on my mid-week snow updates to make your decisions on skipping out to ski Friday. (formerly Thursday).

What I will try to do for you this winter, is expand my daily weather reports to give you an indication of how "skied out" the pow is mid-week. As usual my snow measurements will be in the village, but assuming they keep the existing locations for mid-mountain and top snow measuring, I'll ski by and compare the alpine numbers to mine.

Rest in peace my friend - I'll try to tip off your son on a snowy night.

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