Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Few More Days, Website July 15th

The deal will be "closing" soon, and the new website is due to go up on July 15th. I gave the new group access to my Picasa albums today, so it is possible they may choose to use a photo that one of you have sent to me. When I see their final product, I will get the photo credits right.

It is interesting to see how others see the lodge. I figure new carpet in the bar, and we are good to go. (well maybe a better dishwasher in the bar). The Manager and his consultant see things differently. You will not be surprised to know that I have had some trouble keeping my mouth shut. When the lodge is full of people, we don't see the need for some of the things they are considering. We've been sitting on those same orange cushions for how many decades? Well Melanie Mitchell sewed denim slip covers for them at one time. Shirley Robotham made macramé lamp shades and cosy drapes for the bar at one time. I get the impression that the pool table is not high on the priority list.

Rest assured the new group likes the retro memorabilia in the bar, and they were talking about removing things, putting fresh paint up, then replacing things. The "Dirty Old Man" is actually painted on the wall, so I hope they paint around him. He was the hands down winner of the first dummy race at Baldy - 25th Anniversary. He held first place for a couple of years, until others copied his structure, and figured out his secrets to stability and speed.

Linc, the couch you like to sit on by the fireplace is probably going, but presumably your family will be comfortable on whatever they replace it with.

The plan is to start lift maintenance July 15th, and the brush cutting will start around August 15th when most of the growing has finished.

I am pleased to be looking forward to skiing this winter, and seeing some activity on the mountain.
Times are a changing.......physical things and policies may change, but you can't change the atmosphere and sincerity of the Baldy Family.


Kyle Fossett said...

I'm saving a sick day at work for opening day in case it's during the week.

colinmcc said...

For a small ski resort, (and I have visited many, possibly hundreds) around the world from Scotland to Russia via most European resorts, the Baldy lodge has always managed to be warm and comfortable, better than many, no matter how grim the weather outside.

Folk come to Baldy for the snow and the skiing, it is why I retired to Osoyoos! My advice for what it is worth is to spend any money available first on the skiing experience, (perhaps a new lift? ;-) and leave 'tarting up' the lodge as a distant plan.