Friday, July 29, 2016

Independent Blog, and Social Media

To clarify, this will continue to be an independent blog. I am assisting the new owners with photos as they don't have winter ones, or someone here to regularly send them some.

An enthusiastic member of the social media team crossed the line a little today by copying and posting one of my posts to their Facebook page. Only someone who sat in the Jeepster Commando with a St. Bernard drooling on them could have written that piece.

The social media is being done in Alberta, so we do have a learning curve and some wrinkles to iron out. I am not on  the BMR payroll, and not looking for a job. I'm just doing what I always do - trying to do the best for Baldy.

I wasn't around during the day and didn't take a close look, but it looks like they are sanding or painting the staff shack.

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