Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bryan Gough - Baldy Forestry Look Out '78-'80

From time to time I hear from Bryan - the last observer on the Baldy Fire Look Out - some news, some great photos.

Today a little update on the Forestry Lookouts:

On a fire-related note, I spoke yesterday to the head guy at the Grand Forks Fire Centre, and he informs that due to the wetter, cooler, and almost lightning-free summer we’ve so far experienced, only one of the two still-in-service fire lookouts in the area will be considered for operation this year, notably Goat Lookout, which is roughly twenty miles northeast of Baldy and looks at the north and east sides of the mountain. If you’re curious (if you haven’t before made the drive and hike to Goat) just highlight and copy the following line of coordinates and paste it into Google Earth (or maps, in satellite view):  49 24.846N  119 00.917W 
The only other lookouts that had a view of Mount Baldy but have over the years been discontinued are Roderick Dhu ( 49 11.557N  118 36.813W ), Kobau ( 49 06.666N  119 40.022W ), and Little White ( 49 41.912N  119 19.897W ). The only other lookout which is very sporadically used, although likely not this year, is the remote, very high, and helicopter accessed Bluejoint ( 49 33.213N  118 31.224W ).
 Bryan was exploring his old stomping grounds at the top of the mountain the other day, and shared these photos.



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