Sunday, August 7, 2016

Duh, Hello....We're you never taught to leave a gate as you found it???

The south end of the Gruhl's pool loop crosses a logged meadow that narrows to a trail back to the bottom of McKinney. The fencing, intended to keep the cows out of the village and our watershed, crosses the trail.

There is a sliding gate  for hikers to pass through. Someone opened it, left it open, and at least 67 cows were delighted to walk in.

Baldy's own "Cow Whisperer" herded 63 cows out this morning, and now 4 that had run up the hill are back down at the Sugar Lump.

The money that Strata has put in to the cattle guard and fencing has greatly reduced the cow issues. One hiker not thinking creates a mess.

File photo from 2013 - about 50 in this bunch.

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