Monday, August 29, 2016

Remembering Early Days at Baldy

Early cabin owners had 99 year leases with Mt. Baldy Recreations Ltd. Heinz Stregge came along with a grandiose plan for the area that involved "bulldozing" those little existing cabins. Betty Ozanne mobilized the community, a Leaseholders Association was formed, and Wally Day and I also served on the committee that got our village subdivided off of the ski area  property. This was all pre-strata.
BC Assessment would individually assess the cabins, but only issued one tax bill. Betty and I sat down for a weekend every year to divide the bill according to the assessments, and issue invoices to the property owners. I could look it up for more detail, but it was a lot of work, over a long period of time. Wally and Mary Anne started their Ski School in year 2 of Baldy's operation. I had lessons from them, and joined the ski school in the mid-seventies. We shared a lot over many years. I had the pleasure of seeing them this weekend.

There's a whole lot of history, love and mutual respect in this photo. Decades of friendship, skiing and good times. With Wally, Mar, and Betty - to quote Betty "you can't buy friends like us at the grocery store. "

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jerry said...

What a wonderful evening we had with old friends..Jerry and Audrey Forney