Thursday, August 25, 2016

Royal Canadian Navy - Naden Band - Maritime Forces of the Pacific

Excellent concert in the park tonight. I've attended as many concerts as possible since I first heard the band in the early 70's. They are playing in Gyro Park in Osoyoos tomorrow night.

Of course along with these community events comes a lot of visiting old friends too. I sat with Neil and Shirley - they have had Christmas at Baldy every year since 1978 - the trouble with Baldy being closed three Christmases, I've lost track of the grandkids. One of those "little" ones who learned to ski on the McKinney is off to McGill in the fall! ( She will come to Ski Baldy at Christmas)

I had a short visit with the President of the Oliver Tourism Association, Board member of the TIABC, and Executive member of Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country. All those titles - none other than our Tony, with baby Clark on his chest and Brooke with Morgan getting her face painted. Tony said he hadn't met Joey yet, but the family is keen on getting back on skis this winter.

With the senior's pass, even Melva is thinking about dusting off her snowboard after about 7 years.

Sue is quite happy to park her snowshoes and get back on skis this winter.

David, a whole bunch of your family at the concert tonight,  you'll be having company this winter, Rene told me she bought a pass - hasn't skied for 8 years.

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