Friday, September 30, 2016

Baldy Photos

I haven't posted any recent Baldy progress photos. I hear or see the brushing crew go out daily, but they are working higher on the mountain, and I haven't gone up to look. What is left to do on the lifts is minor, and I haven't driven up to take a photo of Matt on a tower, or taken a photo of Bill's backside at the electrical panel. So great to have the work basically done, by a date when maintenance would just be starting in earlier years. Still some work to do on the magic carpet, but lots of time for that.

I'll have a before and after shot for you shortly of the back of the lodge - the painting was nearing the end yesterday, and the chimney that Terry built is down. It was made of cold water pressure tanks welded together. Don't know if the fireplace will remain in the bar, as it was vented to that chimney, and is probably the oldest wood to propane retrofit I know that still exists.

There is stuff going on in the lodge - you will be able to see some changes at the AGM next weekend.

In the meantime - more pics of cows and fall colours............

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