Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Glad to be home.

A busy weekend in the big city, nephew is married, lots of visiting and a long day coming home from Toronto. I told everyone I would be home Monday, but when I looked at my ticket on Sunday - it said Tuesday........booked the flights in May.

  • gas is 98.9 in Toronto ( have you noticed lately that Oliver OK Tire is a cent or two less than other stations in town?
  • checked my messages while waiting at YYZ - message from Oliver asking about a fire up the road to Baldy - made some quick phone calls - nothing at Baldy - something yesterday, maybe in Shrike Hill area - my nose picked up something on the way home, did not see any forestry flagging
  • passed three trucks and a mobile med truck lower down that could be forestry trucks - heading to town - too dark to tell for sure
  • must have been a fair bit of moisture while I was gone - ground is damp and dust has settled
  • Looks like a full house at the Honky Tonk tonight - the Zanzibar crew.



Date of discovery:
00:00:00 09/05/2016
Suspected Cause:
Approximate Location:
Mount Baldy
Estimated Size:
1 HA
Fire Status:
Fire of Note Page:

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