Monday, September 19, 2016

Rock Creek Fall Fair

A little damp at times on Saturday, but better weather Sunday, and lots of visits with old friends.

Love this photo - not sure when it was taken, but these four are missed on the Baldy operations team. They have moved on to more reliable, better paid employment to raise their families, but we look forward to skiing with them this winter. I was hoping to catch up to them Saturday - wonder if I missed a bunch of Baldy kids by not going to the rides.
Kevin and mini doughnuts at the first aid station.

Smoky and his friend.


Nice to see George and Tanya and their ever expanding family, (grandkids now), Fearless Fred who is predicting a long snowy winter, Ted and Mary, Sam and Gunnar, Jack (photographer of photo at bottom of blog) was one of the volunteers directing parking. Andrea and Greg - haven't seen them for ages - Andrea was the Nancy Greene Coach for Crystal Mountain for years, now working at Big White. She'll be here for some Baldy pow this winter.

I was looking at the Fair from a different perspective this time - our geology club was looking at facilities, electricity in the field etc, as we plan a provincial Rock Hound event there in 2018. The closer you look at the operation, the more impressive it is in terms of a huge amount of organization and work, done by a huge crowd of volunteers, in a small community

So many additions and improvements to the fair grounds since I played there in the school band in the 70's!

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Anonymous said...

Seems appropriate the Rock Creek Fair should offer mini donuts as part of the First Aid program! I knew I should have gone this year...