Monday, September 26, 2016

Thanks for stopping by, Bryan Gough.

Bryan has sent me old Baldy photos from time to time, you may recall my reference to his time as the Forestry Lookout fellow at Baldy and other mountain tops.

Bryan made a surprise visit today - lots of good conversation about people and places we both know.

After all these years, I didn't know about the little Oasis not far from the Baldy Road where Bryan had stopped for lunch on his way up. Turns out the brother has been going there for more than 30 years - he and Bryan agreed that it is a special place, one where Bryan and others have opened the road up from time to time, but where one doesn't want to make it too obvious and have it spoiled by heavy traffic.

So no, I'm not going to tell you where it is, but I will check it out. Thanks Bryan for the photos and map.

Bryan was fortunate to spot this Great Horned Owl on his way out of the picnic spot.

We looked at the holes and dirt piles on the bank by place - (lots around the village)- he says it appears to be typical of the "Northern Pocket Gopher".

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