Monday, September 26, 2016

Think About It

Several people have said to me in recent days - I'm just here to enjoy it. Our common best interests in "enjoying it" involve Strata members volunteering for Strata Council. It is a thankless job. The last few years even more difficult with some "one issue" candidates, perceived conflicts of interest, and a return to some of the hostilities we saw when Strata owned the ski hill.

Some of the current Strata Directors are not standing for re-election - totally understandable - they have had enough.

We need new blood for Strata - calm, common sense, business like volunteers willing to take a turn on council. You don't have to be local to run.

The council meetings don't need to be loud and long. Decisions can be made with careful consideration and consensus.

The AGM need not be long and hostile. You may not agree with what is presented, but debate the issue, don't take aim at the individuals who have volunteered their time to work on our behalf.

The trend has been - low attendance at the AGM, lots of proxies, and trouble finding people to run. Many don't go because of the tone and length of previous meetings.

The reason the AGM is held at Thanksgiving, is that when it was at a different time of year, we had trouble getting a quorum. Even at Thanksgiving there have been scrambles to get proxies from cabin owners here for the weekend, but not going to the AGM.

I am one of the many who will not be on the mountain for the meeting. I would be absolutely thrilled to come back and find out the AGM was calm, and new people had stepped forward to run.

Wishful thinking? Yes. Surprise me!

Remember, people are way more productive when they know they are appreciated.

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