Monday, September 26, 2016

What some call the "Kettle" is really the "Cut"

When Borderline Ski Club took over the Ski Area Operation in 87?, we all paid double the normal amount for a season pass to raise the money to replace the haul rope on the Baldy Tee. We did not have the resources to operate the McKinney. It was a challenge teaching beginners from Tower 3 down, and the lift lines would back up. When Borderline was ready to re-open the McKinney Tee, there was a work party to cut the trees that had grown up on those slopes. Jerry Forney's crew left a gladed area skiers left at the top of the Kettle for the kids, and the Kettle run itself was never totally re-opened. Back in the day, the bottom of Kettle was a little slow and you really had to tuck to get back to the lift.

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