Friday, October 28, 2016

Relax - it is only October

This date last year, we had no snow on the ground, then progressed to one of the top 10 snow years I can remember. We have snow now that will stay - patchy at lower elevations, but a weather pattern that continues to hover just above and below freezing.

We have had Halloween blizzards before, but I look more to the November 11th weekend for serious snow. I remember a big dump mid-November when I was a kid and the Highways crews were on strike. I so wanted to be snowed in, but the road was cleared at the end of the weekend.

There are a pair of Baldy snowbirds who usually arrive back mid-November, and I let them know if they need BBC to open up their parking area for them. The answer is usually yes by that date.

The chairs are ready, I presume the magic carpet is ready, although the guys have been diverted to other things at times this week.

I haven't talked to anyone in the shop, but it appears that work has shifted from "Red Cat" to "Yellow Cat", so when there is enough snow, they will be ready to roll.

Still lots of work to do for the lodge-rental shop etc. The trailers were put in place in the last couple of days, there is fresh sawdust in the cafeteria.

I popped into the lodge yesterday and asked Shayna and Doreen if they were still smiling - I did get a little smile out of both of them, but they are very busy.

I talked with a friend yesterday who went home Sunday without getting her pass - the line was too long.

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