Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Baldy Family!

Maxine, Maddie and Alicia - December 2010
Maxine, Alicia and Maddie
I was hoping that this photo would get Sherry a pair of skis, but happy to see it got recognition on BMR today.

Alicia's parents are Baldy Originals, Pam (Finnie) Williamson, and John Williamson. Her grandfather, Warren Williamson was one of the first Nancy Greene Coaches on Baldy, along with George Webster. Maxine and Maddie have been part of the Baldy community all of their lives. Their Dad Mark coached Nancy Greene, as did Maxine.
As manager at Baldy, I allowed baby Max to come in the bar after skiing so her parents could have a beer. I remember where I was when I got the word that Maddie was born - a payphone at the side of the highway between Halifax and Sackville.
Baldy is where two kids from Kelowna and one from North Vancouver became life long friends. The family the Williamson's stay with have two boys, so in the younger days, Alicia would spend her time down the street with the girls. Now that they are older, they ski with the boys too!

Katlin, Maddie, Alicia, Max, and Morgan

These five have skied Baldy pretty much since they could walk - don't bother trying to keep up with them! Looking forward to seeing them all at Christmas.

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Mark Davison said...

Thanks Sam from some very proud parents. They have all become amazing young adults.