Monday, November 7, 2016

Glenn, Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

The Simmonds Family said goodbye to their beloved Irish Setter Glenn last night, he was 12 years old, and thoughts are with Andrew. Jenny, Lincoln and Teagan.

Glenn's early years were living at Baldy, and he knew every square inch of this mountain, and was part of the glading, and the cutting of the runs on Sugar Lump. Glenn had the uncanny ability to judge the height of the tree, and hang out just more than one tree length from Andrew and his chainsaw. He also supervised lift maintenance.

When Andrew and Jenny moved to Midway, the Village of Midway became Glenn's territory, but even last fall - he showed he hadn't forgotten Baldy. Andrew was on Whiskey Jack, got in the truck and drove down to Porcupine Road. Glenn stood in the middle of the road, listened to Andrew's truck, then took off through the bush to catch up with him - a shortcut.

Glenn was a real family dog - initially mostly with Andrew, then running with Jenny, and he adapted very well when Lincoln and Teagan came into his life.

As Jenny says, Glenn was the best. He was loved by many people, and his family will miss him forever.

I have so many photos of Glenn, but this is probably the best - taken by a professional photographer when Glenn was watching the kids at BMX Racing.

Yes, I know, a long obit for a dog. But if you knew Glenn, and you know the family, you would not find it inappropriate. Andrew and Jenny both lived and worked at Baldy.

Glenn was from Darragh Barber's last litter, and was a brother to Finnegan at the top of the Village.

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Andrew said...

very nice Sam. thanks for the kind words.