Friday, November 25, 2016

Here you go Wes - from this morning

Looking better every day. I can confirm that the big dump did not come from the west - bare roads today, and not much on the Hope-Princeton.

Guru has his terminology for this storm pattern - the hills north of us don't want to believe our numbers when this happens.

"40 cm last 24 hrs.. 30 more by Sat. eve. This is my gutter ball Baldy effect or Orographic lift as Fugasi would say!  When the storm comes in from the s. se. it come all the way up the Columbia then following the Okanogan valley and the first big thing it hits is Baldy. Take a wet sponge over your sink ,bring it to the edge of the sink and press. What do you get? Baldy is the edge of the sink and that more ore less is orographic lift! Baldy gutter ball effect.
         30 more cm. by Saturday night!"
Will was walking the cat up the summer road on Sugar Lump when I left this morning.
Joey has posted a video from top of Eagle this morning. I can tell from the landmarks that in my opinion, we're not quite there yet, but more forecast, and there is snow fencing in place.
I can tell there was wind last night as two sides of my place had snow plastered on the windows.

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