Saturday, November 26, 2016

Shall I tell the old story again?

BMR on Facebook says the Eagle is opening on the 1st. Just remember it is early season.

I don't go in the trees early season, A long time ago, I was talked in to skiing Forney's very early in the season. Just under the snow surface was a log, which caused me to lose balance and sit back/land and skid on a tree stump. The result was a very large, gross hematoma from my backside down to the back of my knee - couldn't sit down for a long time.

Come on up and enjoy, but don't do something stupid that could mess up your season. There is plenty of time for the trees, and more snow will come.


Bill P said...

Apex has announced on their website that opening has been changed to dec 10 due to snow conditions.

Bill P.

eye on the mountain said...

I would expect from the weather pattern, that Apex did not get the big dumps we got in the last few days.