Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Today at Baldy

It is not my call , but Joey is a "go big" kind of guy, and the plan is for a full on opening December 1st. I will put my gear on and check it out. Be patient, there is still a lot of work to do on the lodge, food, rental shop, office front. It is a very busy place today.

There is some fine tuning to do on the boiler, sometimes it burns clean, sometimes it is pretty smoky. I wanted to get a feel for how well it is working, but the main floor lodge door was wide open when I went in the lodge. I saw the ceiling fans in the garbage this summer, and they have been replaced by lights. Maybe they will put fans up again when the main floor customers are cold, and the bar patrons are opening windows and doors.

Clearing additional parking.

I didn't find anyone to ask about the status of the cell - no service on my phone.

Tech here installing new POS systems.

From what I gather, this is the ticket sales, rental sales, bookkeeping office etc. The trailer closest to the lodge. I met the new bookkeeper today - Tina.

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