Saturday, November 26, 2016

You get what you pay for.........

Before the internet, Baldy had a weekly column in the local papers - updating conditions, events etc. Marge MacLeod did it for years, then I did it for a number of years. It had to be written by Sunday afternoon, so a skier could take it to the valley and drop off at the newspaper offices Monday morning.

Those were interesting times - I was stopped on the street, in the grocery store etc by community members ( not always skiers) who were always interested in the goings on at Baldy.

As long as Baldy paid for an advertisement from time to time, the weekly column was published at no charge.

Fast forward to the last few years - during the tough times, Baldy operated on next to zero advertising budget. The local "go to" news blog worked things out so that Baldy could afford a "button" on their website. Oliver Daily News has a huge following, and did a lot for Baldy. I regularly submitted photos, and as long as my text was more informing the readers of what it was like at Baldy, rather than a full on ad, it was published for free.

I have been getting a lot of feedback in the valley about not enough information in the local media.
The media does pursue some info because their readership demands it, but BMR has chosen to stick to social media.

So this morning, I was sent a link to a short item on Infotel, with a picture of Terry on her knees at the top of Eagle. I have chosen not to post it, rather this much better pic of Terry.

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