Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Day

BMR website says open Christmas Day Noon to 3:30 - ski or ride for free. Check with BMR for more details.

Ken Ozanne liked to do this almost 30 years ago, but with the T-bar, there were less staff required. I think I did it once, but it was hard to find people to work on Christmas Day.

As soon as you operate an above ground lift, the number of people required is a lot more.

Nice gesture BMR. Too bad that many staff won't get a full day off with family.

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Josh Shulman said...

According to the managers I have spoken with, all staff were given the choice to work on Christmas or to have the day off. Hopefully all the staff you are going to work are doing so by choice. Although, this likely means one or to managers will have to be on the schedule to make sure everything runs properly.