Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Late Afternoon in the Valley

The year was 1982 - I took time off work to ski , and I was pulled out of the Baldy Tee Lift Line on an amazing powder day. A new family was at Baldy, the mid-week instructors were busy with a school group, and someone had to teach the two young boys. It wasn't easy teaching that day - so much snow had fallen since the grooming was done, but we did get up to Tower 2 on the McKinney that day. Mom and Dad had a great powder day, and would come back from time to time to check on us and slip me some cash to stay with the boys. I fell in love with the boys the first day, and this family has been like family to me for almost 35 years. The photo is more recent than 1982, but I couldn't put my finger on the print I was looking for. So happy to have had some hugs and quality time with this gang this afternoon in Osoyoos.

Found the 1982 Pic

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