Monday, December 5, 2016

Historical Stuff

His name was Bamberger, he gutted the Borderline Ski Club room, and burned all of the cabinets and old ski equipment and treasures the club had on display. That's not all he did, but he was the only manager fired before New Years.

After that incident, various managers and old timers have been very protective of the historical material that remains. There were some upset people last weekend when they saw the bare walls in the bar. George Webster told me his photo was gone, as were a pair of Anne's skis.

Joey has assured me that the materials are in the basement, and there are plans to put stuff back on the walls. One photographer looked at the Baldy Bar a few years ago and said Wow - you could do a Kokanee commercial in this place.

I am waiting to see how much they put back up. I certainly want to be notified if they have any intentions of disposing of any of that content. There are notes on the back of some, including a pair of photographs that hung on the wall in Uncle Paul Fairweather's Hardware office.

Old signs handcrafted by John Hoffman at the Hardware almost 50 years ago.

The painting by Alfred Gruhl lost a little of its value when a well meaning person had it reframed. The original wooden frame was made by Alfred.

Alf gave me his last pair of skis. I still have them safely stored. Tim and I discussed a display, but after Aunty Irene's old leather boots were stolen from a cabinet in the bar, we put that idea on hold,......until a new lodge was built and there was more secure display space.

The Gunbarrel was the watering hole at Apex for decades - you had to watch your step as the floor was uneven. When the new Gunbarrel was built, the memorabilia was moved to the new location.

I have more history stored, and was talking today to a fellow who is putting stuff together to pass along to me. I'm keeping things safe for now - waiting to see how the stuff in the lodge is handled.

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Wes b said...

Keep me posted on the pics from the bar, pretty sure one is of me in my early teens on my first snowboard