Friday, December 16, 2016

No need to climb down the bank...............Friday Flashback

I don't know who, but it was this morning, and apparently the occupants were not injured. I'm glad I was tipped off by a parent who heard via his daughter's facebook.

The vehicle has yet to be recovered at 5:30 pm. The tracks and the vehicle resting place are pretty much exactly the same place where Alyce died. Same brand of vehicle, different model.

Alyce's name is on the Sugar Lump Chair. She was living at Baldy with her boyfriend who was working on the Sugar Lump Chair installation. When I found her tracks, it appeared she had swerved to avoid something. It appears that todays vehicle went straight over, and stayed on its wheels.

Definitely a flashback for me when I saw the tracks and the vehicle today.

Keep your speed down.

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