Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The only time I ever got out of bed at 4:00am to ski................

Only cousin Paula and I  are alive from this photo taken in May 1972, We took the Saint Bernard named Baldy with us to the North Bowl. Terry Smith on the Cat, his son Pat beside me and daughter Theresa in front of Pat. We lost Pat to a car accident in 1975, and Teresa's life was shortened by cancer. A wonderful family. At the right are Alfred Gruhl and Willi Tenning.

The building behind was built by Osoyoos Hardware and Lumber. It was the original rental shop, and when the hardware got out of the ski business, Uncle Paul offered the building to me. I hand dug footings based on that building. I later decided to build a log cabin, and the Ski Patrol took over the building. A few years ago it was skidded to it's current location between the Magic Carpet and Sugar Lump, and given to the Alpine Club to store their stuff. It has been dragged around, but my hunch is that the structure may be sound and could be stabilized for more use by the club.

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