Thursday, December 22, 2016

Time flies.............Hi Nana, Grandpa and Luke in Yuma

The children I watched grow up at Baldy are now the parents of children growing up fast at Baldy. Some of the ones I taught became ski instructors, and are starting to come back with their own kids.
So to those tall ones with new suits hiding behind goggles - If I don't say hi, please speak up. I may not recognise you.

This pic is from his first Birthday - at Baldy. Today he was on the mountain - He is now a 2nd year engineering student at   U Vic. I had to laugh - he arrived at Nana and Grandpa's cabin - the skis clothes that were hanging there no longer fit him. I don't know how tall he is - maybe 6'6" ? I could have picked him out of a crowd anywhere - he was wearing his Grandpa's ski clothes!

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