Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Websites - Opinion

I don't like many of the newer websites that focus on visual effects more than content and function. The Vancouver Canucks website was one I checked at least once a day. They changed their website this season, and I only go there occasionally when I want a specific piece of information - I find it less user friendly.

I was told that BMR's first choice for designing their website wanted 90 days to do it, and that didn't fit their plans. Plan B was a designer in Victoria, who in the meantime has had some time constraints, and the additions/changes that BMR wants on their site aren't going up as fast as they would like.

Hands down, the best website Baldy had was a collaboration of Tim, Dale and others, and with Tim's industry experience, and Dale's technical expertise, it was complete, organized and easy to use. Daily snow reports, subscription to e-mailed snow reports, storage of snow data, events calendar with links to details, on line purchasing, media page, what is groomed, the base,you name it.

Where that site deteriorated a bit, was when there wasn't the man power to do enough updating. I believe FJ did some tinkering with the original.

Maybe its gone, but if there is a copy of the old site on one of the old servers for BMR to look at, they could see what features we are missing.

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teledeano said...

BMR should look into getting Tony Munday to do the website. Being a local, lifelong Baldy person is an asset that is hard to beat by big designers.