Monday, December 5, 2016

What's in a name..........

The original developers of  Baldy chose a mining theme for Baldy, and a wildlife theme for the village. Any official or unofficial names in those areas that do not fit the theme, came later.

Shaft, Ponderosa, Dividend, Powderkeg, Jolly Jack - all with the theme. I don't think there was a Honky Tonk mine. The original Stemwinder was what is now called lower South Ridge - the now Stemwinder was just the cat track. The Stemwinder was groomed a couple of times by Terry - starting way up the South Ridge.

C.D. of course is a newer name, as is Rock Star, Chix Dig It and Burn Baby Burn. I would have liked to see the runs stay with the theme, but the last one, Burn Baby Burn commemorates a close call for an unnamed summer grooming crew.

When I bought my lot in 1973, the roads above Whiskey Jack were not yet on the map. We had Cougar, Bobcat, Porcupine, Blue Jay and Whiskey Jack. I'm not sure where the Tin-Horn name came from - Tin-Horn Creek goes into the hills where there was mining activity near Oliver.

As for Ore-House road.........there was a party of the folks with property on that street. I don't know what the other proposed names were, but Ken Ozanne lay down on the floor and put both feet and both hands in the air to make sure there were enough votes for Ore-House Road.

Bobcat originally went straight up the hill alongside what is now Tom and Hilary's Cabin, and Randal's place. When it came time to go from leases to title, Bobcat was stretched out to reduce the grade - that created two lots. The property owners along Bobcat had been sold slope side lots, so when the road was moved, the agreed compensation was a "green space" between their properties and the newly created lots. There is a band of strata common property where Bobcat was.

The McKinney T-bar from left to right Cascade, Face, Cut, Kettle. The original Kettle was a little flat at the bottom, and you really needed speed to get back to the lift. The "Kettle" has filled in with trees, and the "Cut" has been referred to as the Kettle in recent years.

There is a trail that goes up Jolly Jack, around the back of McKinney and out the far right of the McKinney. A patch of logging years ago made it more difficult to find the trail after crossing the logged meadow. Many on snowshoes now just go in the north end of the trail to "Gruhl's Pool" and don't complete the entire loop. In the wrong conditions, the logged meadow has shifted and made noise.

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