Tuesday, January 10, 2017


The course format has changed a lot since I earned my Level II in a seven day course in 1981. Check the CSIA website for new format and information .

Opportunity coming up to take your Level II modules at Baldy at the end of the month,


Course is not cheap, but  at least by doing it at Baldy, you don't have the travel/accommodation/lift ticket issues of taking it somewhere else.

Dave Doumont is on the 50 year member list. I wonder if he will show up for the PDP this year. I had some great runs with him at Phoenix last year.

Received my package from the CSIA store - yesterday - these feel like they will be great in this weather. I would like to think  that the Level 2 course fee would include a copy of the new manual. If any "old time" Level 1's are considering the Level 2 course, I now have a copy of the new manual that you are welcome to borrow.

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