Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's the Netflix.................Remember the power outages on Christmas Day?

Some customers complained to China Creek about slow internet speed during the holidays. China Creek has been issuing some credits for the month of December.

When the internet was first installed at Baldy, there was only the lodge, and two of us using it in the village. Over time, technology improves, and the number of users in the village has increased. There have been several upgrades, and it sounds like China Creek has more updates in mind.

From experience, I can tell when the speed is likely slowing due to ice on top of the mountain. Recent slow downs seem to line up with time of day, like at - 8:30pm, when there seems to be a demand from Netflix users.

There is a limit to the band width beaming down from the top of the mountain to the McKinney and back to the village. It appears that demand at Christmas was pushing the limit of that bandwidth.

Two years ago, China Creek separated the lodge feed from the village feed. When you think about it, high speed is quite remarkable for something that leaves the land lines in Grand Forks, or back up west of us, and travels from mountain top to mountain top, to the top of Baldy, to McKinney and back to the village to our homes.

Yes, it costs about $350 to get the pizza box etc mounted on your cabin, but where else can you get high-speed internet with the option of turning it off in the off season. As a year round user, I've only been inconvenience a couple of times a year.

One of the village users has Explorenet at home, and reports that the Baldy internet is much faster.

Hmmm, some time ago, China Creek took over the power bill on the McKinney T, as the internet was the only thing on that meter. I wonder if that was attended to recently, or if China Creek is getting the bill for the T-bar operation?

Remember the turkey panic and major outages Christmas Day and Boxing Day? More than 10 years ago, we taxed the power supply to Baldy to the max on holidays. Fortis upgraded the feed and infrastructure, so we can cook turkey whenever we want. :)

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