Sunday, January 1, 2017

Merino Wool Monday

For what its worth ( not always accurate ), Monday and Tuesday are forecast to be sunny and colder,  up a few degrees Wednesday and Thursday, and snow again on Friday.

Monday is Ladies Day - have you signed up for this week?

Shayna and her F&B team are probably very tired after a long haul this Christmas, but you can count on them to prepare something special for the Ladies Day Lunch.


Kyle Fossett said...

Is the merino wool to keep the food warm? If so then they should have had it last night. An hour for first course, second course included cold veggies (they were cooked but cold). No communication from server that there was a delay until we asked, no checking on our drinks during our wait. We were in the first seating for dinner. Hopefully these problems were solved for the later, busier seatings. If the food was warm then the price point would have been perfect for what we had.

eye on the mountain said...

Hi Kyle - I talked to someone who was at the 6:30 seating - she was happy with the 6:30 meal, but could understand why the 5:00 sitting had issues.