Monday, January 2, 2017

Mustang Powder - Nick Holmes-Smith

I know some of my readers took English or English Lit. from Mr. Holmes-Smith at SOSS. One of his sons, Rupert, is now Commodore of the Lake Osoyoos Sailing Club, so must have moved back to the area. Son Nick, was in the Oliver spotlight when he competed in the Olympics, Equestrian Events.

For some time now, Nick has been in the Cat Skiing Business in the Monashee Mountains. A few years ago, Nick donated a Cat Skiing adventure to the Mt. Baldy Alpine Club. Nathan was the high bidder.

There is a Mustang Powder banner in the Baldy Bar, and apparently one staff member will be rewarded with a Mustang Powder ski experience.

Nick is right behind Alf Gruhl and Willi Tenning when the Baldy Tee opened. Nick is wearing one of the hand knit toques provided to the Baldy members of the Nancy Greene Ski League. John Williamson is standing behind Nick. This photo was loaned to Buy Low in Osoyoos for a holiday display.
On a Baldy racing history note............
Anne Webster and one of her daughters are on the mountain this week. Sylvia F-W? or other former Baldy racers - just a heads up - Anne is always up for a race! Not sure what colour her jacket is, but you'll recognise her style and speed! Racing background, with I think a Level IV CSIA certification.

Dr. Anne Webster is an Anaesthesiologist in Victoria,  she skis Mt. Washington, and Baldy of course to see family.

Anne's father George, and John Williamson's late father Warren spent many hours on the McKinney coaching Nancy Greene racers. Mary Anne Day was involved in the Zone organization group.

Ages - Nick is younger than I am, and John and Rupert were one and two years ahead of me in school.

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