Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Jolly Traverse

Before the magic carpet, before Sugar Lump, we had the T-Bar for teaching terrain. We would teach a diagonal side-slip to get the students down the first steeper section, and to prepare them for the "big hill" , specifically Jolly Jack. As the first photo shows, much of the traverse is a slope of granite chunks. We need more snow before the cat can push the snow road across the granite. The groomers have gone part way at the top and bottom. Just in case you think some of those wider glades were made for skiing....some were cut decades ago to recover a cat that went over the edge - Jolly and Stemwinder. The last ownership group was opposed to summer work and winter grooming of this popular trail. Brett didn't want a cat track to interfere with his out of bounds hike and ski above. I'm using the diagonal side slip below the travelled portion to get across until we get more snow.

For three seasons, Ken and Eleanor worked the traverse with shovels and a snow blower to prep the trail for the cat.

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