Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday, From the Archives

I didn't find what I was looking for, but found these oldies but goodies.

Mary Anne and Wally Day - Mary Anne's knee ended her skiing, but Wally still skis Big White, and follows the blog.

Back - John Dimma and Rick Crowson
Dustin Klumpp, Gunnar Everson, Tyson Miller, Richard Cooper, ____ Karow, ______, Mary Cooper, _____ Karow
Selena F-W,   Fraser Corbett, Andrew Dimma,  Marshall Corbett, Megan? Dimma


Maxine Davison, Lindsay Reagan, Sawyer Werner
Mark Weigeldt, Morgan Jones, _________,___________, ___________
Mark Davison, Taylor Gonske, Forrest McKay, Ainsley McKay, Sieglinde Sutherland
Dana Klamut, Lexy Werner, Rylan Potter, Maddy Davison
Courtney Gonske

I'm thinking this was the year that Sayre Potter broke his leg. Mark, Sieglinde, Karen - help with the name corrections please.

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teledeano said...

Fraser Corbett and Marshall Corbett