Monday, February 13, 2017


Lincoln skied Rock Star today, and Cienna skied Powderkeg yesterday. Kate and Kylie are skiing very well - good turns, good control.

Former  Baldy Racers Nils and Caprice have joined Molly with their Level 1 instructor's certification. Nils asked me about certification a couple of years ago - I think he'd prefer to teach kids about jumps, cliffs and exciting stuff..........but I told him, that's not how it works. The new instructors get the beginner lessons.

Teaching skiing can be so rewarding - passing on your enthusiasm and joy in the sport.

Thirty five years ago, I took a tired hungry little boy in to the lodge after a lesson, and bought him french fries. He soon figured out that he could look at any of his parents friends with those big eyes, and they would buy him fries. His mother would come in to the lodge to find out who she owed money to.

Yesterday at noon, I received a photo of a plate of french fries. That "little boy" and his wife were riding at Marmot, and he thought of me when they stopped for lunch.

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