Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Serious Snow Tuesday- Thanks Wyatt's Dad

It's in the forecast, and snowing heavily in the valley and on the mountain. The main parking lot was nearly full again today with the $5.00 lift tickets. Lots of silver hair in the vehicles I met on the road, and I don't think the drivers of the 2 Audi, 1 Beamer and one Mercedes needed the cheap ticket.

At least 5 young riders finished their day on a disappointing note. One car incapacitated after striking the concrete road barrier below the ranch. A tow truck was needed for that one, so I carried on up the road, doing some traffic control for the occupants of a small car high centered in the snow bank. Lots of helpers stopped to shovel, and it was their lucky day today - along came Jason Parker with his winch. Both of those incidents could have been driver inexperience in winter snow conditions.

What is frustrating is the number of vehicles I met farther up the road who were travelling way too fast for road conditions. You can't stop safely if you are going too fast in the first place.

Environment Canada has issued many storm warnings, and people are being advised to stay home if they don't need to be driving. (skiers exempt I presume)

I remain opposed to any plan to pave the road. In all my years of driving to ski mountains, the ones with pavement have the worst traction and frequencies of incidents.

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