Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Snow Survey Bulletin

Bryan Gough is a regular reader and occasional contributor to the blog. At one time he worked for the Forest Service, manning the Baldy Lookout in fire season.

The second of the annual series of BC Govt Snow Survey reports for 2017 is out today, for February 1st, and shows a fairly low figure for the Okanagan at 79, and a very low figure for the Boundary (Kettle) at 59. Compare at 122 and 114, respectively, for the same date in 2016, from ‘Archive’ on the site sidebar. Not represented is the snowfall of the past week over both regions, which, when added to the forecasted snow for this Wednesday night and through Thursday, if it realizes, should help to boost the March 1st readings.

The report is not skiing related, but may be of interest to some of your bloggees as a somewhat premature indication of fire season and agricultural expectations.


colinmcc said...

The survey can be found at:

eye on the mountain said...

Thanks Colin, There is now a link on the sidebar.