Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Social Media

Social media is "the thing" these days. To me, Facebook is useful in some ways, but a pain in many others.
  • Snowy posted a notice on Facebook warning hill residents and guests to stay off the ski runs at night. There are many owners who do not use Facebook - there are other ways to communicate to the village.
  • I've made my point before - industry standard website ski report is preferred over Facebook comments.
  • Katie - you know the Food and Beverage Manager - why wouldn't you take your complaint to her, rather than posting a negative comment on BMR Facebook, then further trashing the kitchen on your FB post?
  • Would you not want a customer of your business to bring a concern to you, rather than have your business trashed on line?
  • Adam - you used to work here, and I don't think of you as a groomer kind of guy. At 9:30am, I doubt that you could have had enough runs to make a judgement on grooming. I didn't ski until after lunch so could not specify which runs had corduroy or which runs didn't, but I did have many good runs and didn't have an issue with grooming.
  • Some of the positive posts are a bit wordy and syrupy, leading me to believe that they are not all genuine guests posting a comment.

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