Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Straight Skis - have you noticed?

Cheap lift ticket/pass deals can bring out people who haven't skied in awhile. I watched a fellow double poling down Rock Star recently, working hard to turn his straight planks. Yesterday and today I saw a few on the Sugar Lump with old equipment. Binding checks?

I sometimes  wonder if they would only ski on low price days with their own gear, or if a free rental voucher and one run lesson on adapting their stance might get them back in to the sport. I still have my Rossi Strato 102's and Dynastar slalom skis with the heart in the tip, but would not consider skiing on them - even for retro day.

Did you meet Bruce today? Baker is his home mountain, and he was a mature student Sroamie at one time. I don't recall the correct term for his skis, but they basically look like they have been cut off directly behind the heel section of the binding. We had a few runs together, and I was amazed. He matched or exceeded me in speed, and from watching him ski, you wouldn't expect that he only had half skis on his feet. His skis of choice for 30 years.

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